Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now it's time to get serious

I first want to say that I am so in love with our photographer for the wedding. Her name is Emily and she just rocks. She hasn't even taken any pictures of Wes and I yet but I am so excited to see what they will look like once we do. I spoke with her this week and we have set a date for our engagement pictures. Sunday, October 25 is the D-Day. We haven't really decided on the location(s) yet but that will come later. We have some time to bounce ideas off of each other and decide. I really like the idea of random places that you wouldn't think would be cool that end up making an amazing photograph. Some other FABULOUS news is that my BFF, whom many of you know as Mrs. Ski is going to be doing Wes and I a wonderful, incredible favor by taking some "pre-engagment pictures" pictures. Mrs. Ski is a fantastic photographer and she has been gracious enough to offer to do this for us. I am very unsure of how we are going to look in our engagement photos. I mean, Mr. Stilts and I have taken many a picture together but engagement pictures are totally different. Mr. Stilts must pretend like he actually likes me (tee hee) and I am just nervous about how they are going to turn out. So Mrs. Ski is going to do some sort of practice for Mr. Stilts and I. She ROCKS.
Plus, she's my BFF and any excuse to hang out with her, I will take in a second!
As far as everything else goes, I'm feeling a little bit of pressure. The bridesmaid dress situation is still not under control and I am nervous about finding a place to get them. My Mom and I are planning on going to check out some of the places really soon. Hopefully I can walk away from that feeling more comfortable. My Mom did find a really great deal for her dress though. The bridal shop where we were going to buy everything from is selling Mom's dress to her WITH all the alterations for a great price. It just works out that the sample they have is in the right color. Granted it's like a size 14 and my Mom is a size 2 but the alteration's woman at this bridal shop is AMAZING so I know she will make it work. It's just working on the bridesmaids and the tuxes. I think the tuxes will be MUCH easier but it's just the uncertainty of it all. Hopefully my Mom and I can go check out some of these places in the next week or so.
Speaking of TIME, we are down to the last couple of weeks before we are going to be sending out the save the dates. My sister is working on them and I am hoping that we will be good to go by the Labor Day. She already sent me an amazing rough draft that Mr. Stilts had some minor changes he wanted to make. Other than that, I think we are right on track. We are asking for lists and addresses from the fams so we can get this ball rolling. First of all, I can't believe that it's almost Labor Day and we are almost to the 7 month mark. We are needing to start the process of registering and getting that together. I am really excited about that. All in all I am feeling pretty good about everything and I am looking forward to starting this next chapter. I am still trying to remember what everyone has told me about really enjoying this process because you never get to have this experience again.


  1. I can't wait to do your pre-engagement photos. It will be tons o fun!! I had so much fun hanging out this weekend. You and I together ROCK! :) I hope you guys can come Friday!!

  2. I am so ready for our pre-engagement pics with you!!! Just let me know when you can do them- our session is next Sunday, the 25th. I always have such a GREAT time with you and I only wish that we could do it more often like the "good ol' days". And good ol' they WERE. We are SO awesome together!! We need to hang out again really REALLY SOON!! I hope everything is ok with you!