Friday, August 21, 2009

Bumps in the road

So we have officially encountered our first real "bump" with our wedding. I received a call yesterday from the wonderful lady at the bridal shop we were going to use to purchase my bridesmaid dresses, my Mom's dress and all the tuxes. She called to tell me that due to the economy, they would be shutting their doors at the end of September. So now I have to find new places to get all of these things. Which, I have found out, there aren't that many options close by. There are a lot in Murfreesboro but I hate to ask everyone to go all the way there for us. So, I am now in the search for a solution. I talked to the lady at the bridal shop and she gave me some ideas and gave me all the item numbers as well as my sister's measurements which they took while she was in town. At least I have those things but I am totally devastated that they are closing their doors. They were so great to me and everyone I have known to do business with them. I hate to hear that these incredible small businesses are suffering like this in this economy. I am trying not to be selfish about it because those employees are in a much worse situation than I am. I know we will find another place to get everything and that we do have time on our side. I just need to get on the ball looking for the place/places because we need to order the bridesmaid and my Mom's dress in September. I know it will work out it just won't be as convenient. This bridal shop was across the street from my house. So this is really the first "thing" to go wrong with the wedding but I know it won't be the last. That's one of the great things about having planned everything so far in advance. I have the time to fix them (hopefully). I am determined to still have those dresses in mine and Mr. Stilts wedding!!!

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