Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inching Forward...

So tonight I have an appointment with a potential wedding florist (YAY!) but this is simply preliminary. I told Mr. Stilts that he could go or not go. It doesn't really matter. He is absolutely invited if he wants to go but if he doesn't- not a big deal. There isn't going to be anything signed or anything final done today. I really just want to get some ideas flowing on what we want for the church and the reception along with the wedding party flowers. I have some ideas in my head but I have no idea if they are even feasible. I am totally a flower-idiot. I really don't know much about them so I am pretty much going to learn as much as I can and hopefully get some ballpark figures on how much they are going to cost us. That is a REALLY big concern of mine. I know we are going to need a lot of flowers because 1) we have a large wedding party 2)we have over 150 at this time on the guest list and 3) we have two different locations for the ceremony and rehearsal. Wes and I both have 7 attendants. Plus, all the flowers for me and him along with our parent's and then the decorations for the church and reception. Whew- my head is spinning already.
Anyway, so we are meeting with someone tonight that our wedding planner recommended. Her website was beautiful and I am hoping that we are able to find out some great information that might put both Mr. Stilts and I at ease. I have also been working on negotiations with a bagpipe player and organist. We have an organist at the church but this particular one plays with the bagpiper a lot so I almost feel it would be better to have both of them rather than the bagpiper and the church organist. No diss on the church organist though, she was great and super sweet. It's all going to come down to cost and what we can fit into our budget. We both really love the idea of the bagpipes playing me down the aisle. It makes me a little misty-eyed just thinking about it. So I hope it works out. I am trying to do the negotiations myself (with the help of my awesome, experienced deal-makin' sister) so that I can go to Mr. Stilts and hopefully make him proud of my accomplishments. I want him to know that I am really working hard to make this work for our budget. I think brides get a bum rap from certain t.v. shows (I'm talking to YOU, Bridezillas) and people just think all we do is try and sneak a $100,000 wedding. You have these woman screaming and crying because their "man" didn't pick their nose the way they wanted them to. So it's totally annoying and it's because of people like that all "brides-to-be" get categorized as completely unrealistic and crazy. Perfect example: "The Bride Contract". You can google it and find tons of variations of it but all are just hilarious and genius. I have included it below for your amusement:
*Bridesmaid’s Contract*
Hello my beautiful bridesmaids! Let me just say again how happy I am that you are going to be a part of my special day! Below are just a few guidelines for the wedding that I’d like you to review, please initial by each point, sign at the end and send back to me. Just want to make sure they’re aren’t any surprises! The planning bride is a happy bride!
Thanks a bunch! Love ya!

______ My hair will remain at the length it is now or longer.

______ I will not change my hair color without first consulting Katie and providing a sample photo or hair swatch for consideration.

______ I will use Sally Hansen’s “Maximum Growth-Daily Nail Growth program” every day for the 4 months before the wedding day.

______ I will not gain more than 4lbs from the weight I was when I was asked to be a bridesmaid.

______ I swear to attend all showers, (lingerie, bridal & bachelorette) to arrive in a timely manner and do everything in my power to support and “be there” for the bride.

______ I will purchase the David’s Bridal style # 81123 dress below in Latte/Champagne within 3 weeks of today.

______ I will NOT knowingly get pregnant without notifying Katie at least 4 months prior to the wedding so a suitable alternate can be found. I will also give my purchased bridesmaid dress to said alternate.

I do hereby swear that I will adhere to all of the above & other understood bridesmaid duties for the wedding on September 21, 2007
(sign, print and date)

And..........You're welcome.
Don't get me wrong, I know we are still 10 months out but I cannot imagine myself getting to THAT point. Granted, there are some things that if we had a bigger budget I would love to have but none of them are things that that we absolutely HAVE to have. I am not one of those people that just insists on having gold and diamonds dripping from everything. Well, first of all EWW and second, it's totally not necessary. What is necessary is for us to be surrounded by those closest to us. In conclusion, I think what we both want is something that is elegant, fun and most importantly- US.

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  1. Very good Mo! Very good. It's pure cubbage! haha! I love that bridesmaids contract and to think that it's real...and she wasn't just joking around! Haha! Your wedding will be beautiful, just you wait and see!