Friday, May 15, 2009

The rut of all ruts......

So I am sitting here at my desk (at work....I know, I know..blogging at work is bad..blah blah blah...) but I sitting here thinking about how we have accomplished a lot for the wedding all at once and then BLAM-O....nothing. Well, I take that back somewhat, I did pick out the bridesmaid dresses this week. SO I guess that's a pretty big accomplishment AND my Mom found the most beautiful dress to wear to the wedding too. So big woo-hoo for her too (YAY MOM!). The bridesmaid dresses are really pretty and I like them a lot. Plus, they ended up being very reasonably priced which is a huge plus. The dresses I had originally picked out were about $300 and I would never ask someone to buy a dress they will more than likely only wear once (seriously, I don't care how many times you say "oh you could TOTALLY wear that again". News flash- YOU WON'T) I have worn the dress I wore in my sister's wedding more than once but still. There's a pretty small percentage of dresses that do actually get worn again, most go into the back of closet only to be seen again during "clean out your closet day" or when you move. Regardless, sorry for getting sidetracked, the dresses I picked out this time are really pretty and the fact that they are not too expensive, is great too. Here is a picture of the bridesmaid dresses (note: this lady is NOT one of my bridesmaids, she doesn't look like the cool chicks I associate with) The colors are going to be royal blue and ocean. I wanted my sister, Linnea, to stand out more than the others because she is my Matron of Honor so I am making her dress royal blue with the sash/tie thingy in ocean and all the other bridesmaids will be ocean with a royal blue sash/tie- thingy. That way they are all tied in together but she will stand out a little more. I am really happy with the decision of doing the different color for Linnea but not having hers be completely different. I was struggling with trying to come up with a way to do that.
As for my Mom, her dress is this one: and this is the actual color it is as well. I really, REALLY liked this dress on my Mom. It made her look fabulous (even though she does all the time anyway, it's just cool to see your Mom so dressed up!) In fact, she looks so great in it that I am going to post the actual picture of HER in it. (Sorry Mom if you didn't want to be featured in my're just too dang cute not to!) There she is! Mom's blogging via picture debut!!! I L-O-V-E this dress and I can't wait for all the bridesmaid's to get theirs in too. I couldn't see the actual dress in the right colors because the store didn't' have one so I am really excited for the day they come in (which will be like December, so I have a little while to wait)
Other than these decisions, I have done nothing else. I am really ready to start working on finding a florist but I just haven't gotten around to making any appointments. I have contacted one florist (or excuse me- FLORAL DESIGNER) but haven't really set up a meeting or anything. I have that one and two others I would like to talk with and possibly meet, we'll just have to see. Then the chauffeur guy I liked Mr. Stilts was supposed to call and talk to about his prices again but hasn't gotten around to it yet. That I'm not as worried about but it would be really awesome to be able to work out something with this guy because we both love his car so much. Then I have started talk with a guy that plays the bagpipes (I know, right?? AWESOME!) Mr. Stilts and I went to a friend's wedding in October and the bride was walked in by a bag pipe player and we both LOVED it so it's definitely something we want for our wedding. We are possibly going to have him play at our announcement during the reception as well. Super cool. I am really hoping we can work something out soon, I would like to know it's been set up and ready to go. So this rut is not a huge rut but still a rut indeed. I feel like we were getting so much done and then stopped so now I feel like we aren't doing ANYTHING. I know we still have a lot of time left until March 20, 2010 but I want to be able to get as much squared away as early as possible so we can (sort-of) sit back, relax and enjoy the engagment without being "as" stressed". I put the word "stressed" in " " because I know weddings are never really stress free --especially if you're me. Also, on a side note- I am still working out 6 days a week and really watching what I eat. HIGH FIVE TO ME! I have exactly 3 weeks until my re-measure for my dress so I am determined...A wedding dress is the ultimate motivation, believe me! :-)

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  1. The bridesmaids dresses are really pretty! I like the whole royal blue/ocean blue color scheme too. That way Linnea will stand out but we'll still all be tied in too! Great Idea!! Trust me you've gotten more accomplished than most people do..I'm so proud of you! I hope that your wedding will be as stress free as possible and I'm determined to help you make it that way! BTW, we SO need to do lunch soon! Oh and sidebar...I do all my blogging at work (guilty as charged!) :) I love you Kiki! And I miss you!!!!