Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Things are a movin' and a shakin' now!

It's amazing how fast time is going by now. I mean, it's been going by quickly but for some reason, time has kicked it into high gear. We are almost close enough to say we are getting married next month! Nuts. I can't believe I am so close to this big day that I have thought about for so long and that I am so close to finally being Mrs. Stilts. It feels weird saying it too. I am sad about saying good bye to my maiden name but I plan on keeping it and dropping my middle name. Sorry, "Samantha" it's been nice having you a part of my name but as we've grown we have run out of room for ya!
So Monday night I had my first actual "fitting" appointment at the bridal salon (shout out again to Faccio- you guys are AWESOME!!) I met with the alterations woman and first of all, she rocks. Anyone that calls me gorgeous repeatedly, I am a huge fan of. My dress still fits me really well considering we just got through with the holidays. I can't believe I haven't gained weight! I mean, I'm pumped about it but I was a little nervous that it would be a little snug. My alterations woman, Faye, told me that it was the "nature of the beast" and that I would definitely lose more weight before the wedding. Mostly because of the high stress I will be in the closer we get. Nice. I mean, I'm on board with losing weight but the stress part, not so much. I am feeling pretty good at this point except I know I will feel better once the invitation are out. We still have some time before we send them out but I know once they go out, there's no going back (HA HA) and we can actually start working on the seating charts and all that jazz.
Last night Mr. Stilts, my Mom and I had our tasting. It went really well. Our florist made a mock up of what our tables will look like and we were really impressed. I feel like I am being way too happy with everything! I know that sounds crazy but people keep talking about how I can make changes and blah blah blah but so far I have really liked everything and I honestly don't know what I would change. So I guess that's good but since people keep telling me I can change things, I feel like I should change something. Anyway, the tasting went really well. We thought the food was delicious and looked gorgeous and I feel like they are going to capture my "vision" for the cake perfectly. Mr. Stilts is going for a grooms cake shaped like the "Power T" from the University of Tennessee Vols. Shocking. My cake is going to be four tiers with white buttercream cake with a strawberry creme filing (it was AWESOME AND DELICIOUS) with a white chocolate buttercream icing decorated with fresh flowers and a blue ribbon on every layer. I can't wait to see what it looks like completed mostly because I haven't seen the cake I want, I just took parts of multiple cakes that I liked and made it my own. Mr. Stilts' is going to be white cake with a "UT ORANGE" icing. Nice.
So, I have my make up trial and some of the bridesmaids are getting fitted for their dresses this weekend so it will be a busy weekend but a fun one. I am excited about all the fun things coming up and I am getting nervous that I am going to get stressed out. I know that sounds funny but I am REALLY trying to just sit back and enjoy this whole process because I know I will only get it once.
I am going to try and post more and more often the closer we get (I know, that sounds possible) because I really want to be able to look back later on and reminisce about this period of my life as the future Mrs. Stilts.


  1. That orange icing will look nice on your dress! ;)

  2. HA! I don't think so! HA HA! He would be wearing the REST of that cake on him if he puts one drop of orange icing on my dress! ;-)