Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!! Now let's get to work

I know it has been a LONG time once again since I have posted but this time I really do have a good excuse. The HOLIDAYS. And a crazy one it has been, as usual. Now that they are over, it's time to really get moving when it comes to wedding activities. First, the bridesmaid dresses are in so we have to get my ladies fitted so we can check that off our list. My sister, while she was in town got fitted for hers and so we can check her off the list. They look fantastic and I can't wait to see all my girls in them. I am attaching the picture of my sister wearing hers (as the Matron of Honor) and then the the other dress that the rest of the bridesmaids will wear:

Imagine them without the straps. I think they turned out even more beautiful than I imagined. Mr. Stilts and I are also in the process of getting some of our vendors paid off so we won't have a ton of money to pay put all at once. We are also working on the music for our ceremony and reception. Plus, we have to work on sending out the invites. I am going to be working with my sister on these and if they are anything close to our save the dates- then they are going to equal AWESOME.
Also, we have to get a groomsmen to get measured for their tuxes. I can't wait to see Mr. Stilts in his tux! He is going to look so handsome! I keep thinking about all the things that we have to start doing now that 2010 has come. I can't believe it's going to be here in 76 days!! That is so nuts to me. I feel like we went from over a year to now in NO time. I have to start getting fitted for my dress, we have to work on the invitations, the seating charts, etc. Geez!! My head is spinning JUST a little bit. I am starting to get a little nervous and anxious but at the same time SO excited. I am ready for March 20 to be here but again we have so much left to do maybe not so much ready for the actual day.
I will be posting much more as we start this journey towards the end of the "wedding planning" part of my life and I am so ready for the next part in our Mr and MRS Stilts. :-)

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