Tuesday, March 17, 2009

THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

So.......YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I found a dress!! And not only is it "a" dress, it's "THE" dress. My sister, Linnea, came into town over the weekend and her, my Mom and I went out looking both Saturday and Sunday. We went to three different places on Saturday and one on Sunday. Let me tell you, I have never felt so pretty in my life and I am so excited that I found it so quickly. I found the dress at our first stop of the day, Faccio Bridal in Cool Springs. The woman there are fantastic and they really make you feel wonderful. No wonder they won best bridal shop in Nashville. They deserve it! I had so much fun shopping with Linnea and my Mom. My sister made reservations at Amerigo for lunch and had champagne waiting on us when we got there. It was so fantastic!! I am still trying to get used to the attention. I guess you never realize how much you get until you are "The Bride". It's so much fun though and I so enjoyed spending the time with just the three of us. I think I probably tried on 40 different dresses throughout the two day wedding dress extravaganza. I didn't commit to the dress at first, I was afraid because it was like the third dress I tried on and I didn't want to commit and then find something at one of the other stores. But everything I tried on after that just didn't feel right and I kept going back to that one. It's so hard to explain how I felt when I had it on. It was sort of like I was living in a movie. I could see myself walking down the aisle and I could see Mr. Stilts standing there waiting for me. I didn't feel that way in any thing else so I guess it is true when they say you know when you've found the dress. Plus, all three of us cried when I had it on -which I know to those who know us might not seem like such a big deal (we all cry at Kodak commercials) but not a single dress after that had the same effect. I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Linnea and my Mom for tugging, pulling, and zipping me into so many dresses (even the super ugly one). I know their "zipper fingers" are not a fan of me right now. My Mom and Linnea rock and I will never forget the "slutty nightgown" or the missed opportunity for a young hooker intervention. Good thing we weren't on tv, right Mom??
I am sorry to say though that I will not be posting a picture of the awesomeness that is my dress....this I want to keep under wraps until March 20,2010. Which by the way is ONE YEAR AND THREE DAYS AWAY!!!! Nuts.
OH and PS- we decided to go with Gaylord Springs Golf Links for the reception!!!!!!!!! Two GIGANTIC checks this weekend- WOO HOO!

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