Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Maybe....Just Maybe?????

Ok, well I sort of feel like we are making SOME progress. We have narrowed the wedding coordinators down to 2 (from 3 so it's not THAT great) but it's something. Now I am torn between the planner I really, really want and the planner I know we can afford. It's such a tough decision and I know it's an important one. Maybe one of the most important ones for the whole wedding. I think they would both do a great job but one (to me) just seems to have more experience and is more "in touch" with what we want. I don't want to feel pushed towards certain things just because it's convenient. We also have a great option for a church. It's pretty and I think it would work for the wedding. We are trying to stick to a pretty small budget and I know we can do it, Mr. Stilts is definitely a "budget man" as his Mom calls him. I do not see a problem with this at all but I know that there are certain things that I think we should spend more on and I am not sure if he will be ok with this. He made a good point that if we kept the wedding local, we could save money on the overall venues and splurge more on the details. Which sounds great except ever since I can remember, I have wanted to get married in Nashville. But if we can find something local that we love, I am all for it. We need to be smart about decisions and make the best ones for us. So if that means that we get married locally, that's ok as long as we can find places that suit the both of us and that both of us are happy with. My only concern right now is the reception venue. The area of town in which we are thinking of having the wedding (Lebanon, TN) does not have that many options. I am hoping that we will find that diamond in the rough and we will both be thrilled with it. I know I would love a place that has a view or at least some windows and the one place that might work for us, doesn't have either. Also, the main preferred catering vendor at this place is not the best. I have eaten their food before and it's ok, but there is absolutely nothing special about it. We have decided that instead of a buffet or sit down dinner, we are going to do stations scattered throughout the room. This way there aren't 100 people standing in line waiting to get food with a buffet and we are saving money by not doing a sit down. I think this would be a great way to cut costs and have it be something a little different. So, moving along hopefully we will have a contract signed with a wedding coordinator really soon and then I can breathe a small sigh of relief that ONE thing is done! Then on to the VENUES!! Oh yeah, one more thing not wedding related. I feel so fortunate to be able to witness the first black president being sworn into office today. It is such a historical day and I look forward to the future.

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