Sunday, March 7, 2010

13 1/2 days countdown ON!

I can't believe we are here now. A little under 2 weeks left and I am feeling a little bit of pressure. We have just about EVERYTHING done but there are these few small yet huge things we have left to get. Plus, try and get ready for the honeymoon. We need luggage for one but we also need to get somethings together since we will be traveling outside of the country. I am just starting to feel it a little more than I have this whole wedding planning process. It's been 14 months since we got engaged and while I know that's a long time but it really feels like it flew by. I am getting really excited and nervous about the actual day and everything coming together but I am confident that it will turn out wonderfully. I have total confidence in everyone involved so I am going to take a minute to send a couple of shout outs to be awesome vendors we have had the pleasure of working with.
First of all our wedding planner, Angela Proffitt has been our life saver ( We haven't even made it to the day yet and she has already been worth every penny. I don't know what we would have done without her. Also, Mr. Stilts and I have met one of the coolest and talented photographers who we are SO pumped is taking the pictures for the wedding and one of our engagement sessions. Emily ( is really laid back and totally cool and easy to work with. We also had my incredibly talented best friend, Anna (aka Mrs. Ski who took some fabulous engagement pictures of us as well and it was so nice of her to take some time out of her day to spend with us. She is such a wonderful person who I love to pieces!! You can check out her website ( I know, I know this post is FULL of these links but I really wanted to get the word out there. I am going to be finishing out these two weeks giving the word out. We have really done so much already that I feel good about these next two weeks but I know that the day of is going to be hectic. More hectic than I have ever known before. I went and picked out the guest book yesterday and got the ribbon for the bridesmaid bouquets and all I have to do now is send it to the florist and I have to also take the ribbon for the cake to Gaylord this week.
I have another dress fitting this Tuesday (at and I am hopeful that everything will be ok. Hopefully once I have this one, we will only have the one last one the week of the wedding. I really love my dress and I am only hoping that I am happy with myself in it. I have had a few reservations about how I look in it. NO fault at all to the bridal shop I am just really critical of myself. I am confident that once we have everything put together, the dress, the hair and the make up. I am so excited about seeing it all come together.
Now as we come to an end of this amazing and crazy journey we have, like I said, just a few more things to find/get. Artificial wheat grass for the escort cards to sit in and a signature board to go around the 11x14 engagment picture we have. I am crossing my fingers that we can find everything we need. UGH! So frustrating!!
Anyway, back to post again soon, I am going to kick it in high gear now that we only have TWO MORE WEEKS!! :-)

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