Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So in case you don't know- I'm awesome.

In the title I am NOT referring to my blogging skills. In that sense, I am not awesome. It has been a long time since I last blogged and it's crazy because so much has happened. Things have been going quite well. Mr. Stilts and I have rocked the house when it comes to getting things done ahead of time. As of last week we have secured the reception venue, our photographer and our DJ. I mean seriously--AWESOME. People should pay us because we are so awesome. It's so funny to me that we went from having nothing done and me totally stressing out to having so much done that we can take a break for a little bit. Mr. Stilts and I are going to Washington D.C. this weekend for a nice 3 day vaca to visit my Sister and my Brother-in-Law. I am SO excited about this. It will be nice to sort of get away for a little bit and let Mr. Stilts see why I love D.C. so much. He has never been so I am excited for him to see all the cool things it has to offer. Plus, I am always totally pumped to see my Sister. So we are taking a well deserved break to visit them and I CAN'T WAIT.
We still have to find and conquer to whole florist thing which scares me because I don't think Mr. Stilts has any idea how expensive flowers are and I am totally petrified that once he finds out, his head is going to explode. Flowers are not cheap people! Granted I am going to try everything in my power to keep that cost down as much as possible. Like only using flowers that are in season (it's spring so there should be some good ones available). Also, we don't have to use flower centerpieces on every table. I would be totally cool with switching it up a bit and just doing more candles than flowers on some tables. I am going to do everything I can to make it as cost effective as possible while still being what we want. Other than the florist, I think there really isn't much more we can do right now planning wise. I mean, I think we should probably work on the guest list some but we aren't 100% on it yet either. We want to be able to invite a lot more people but the #1 way to keep cost down is to cut down the guest list. So we are waiting a bit to see if maybe the economy gets better and things overall get better and we can add back to the list. We have gone from over 300 to hoping to be about 150-175. This is truly the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. You want to be able to invite everyone and it's especially hard for us because we both come from such large families. It's going to be tough and I am keeping my fingers crossed that things get better so that we can add back some of the people we have had to put on the "B" list. I am trying to remain optimistic that it all works out better than expected. I am also going to try and be way better with my blogging skills...we'll see how that turns out. :-)

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